Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chores and Awesome Lunch !!

Our friend Barry arrived yesterday and the preparations for our departure from Ensenada are accelerating. While Elaine stayed on the boat today and did chores, Barry and I headed downtown to get his immigration paperwork, have the boat checked out of Ensenada and to do some provisioning.

Of course we had to get some lunch and today's stop was at one of the fresh seafood carts on the side of the road. They specialize seafood cocktails and in cevice which is raw seafood (usually fish) "cooked" in lime juice and mixed with onions, cilantro and tomato. It is typically served on a tostada with hot sauce. We had a traditional ceviche, a mixed mussel and scallop ceviche, a clam ceviche and a mixed seafood cocktail (squid, mussel, scallop, clam and shrimp). It was all incredibly fresh and amazingly tasty. And the best part was it all cost $14 !! Below are some pics. Sorry about the quality, they don't so the experience justice. The food was so good, we were 3/4 finished before we remembered to take pics.

Tomorrow, we will do our final boat prep then head up to the hotel for their Thanksgiving Buffet with our friends Frank and Rachael then its off into the wild blue on Friday morning. We have a Mexican Cellular Internet Dongle so hopefully we will able to make quick posts but if the cell service is too sparse or too poor, don't worry if you don't see and posts or e mails until the 28th or 29th when we get to our first "major" stop at Isla Cedros.

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