Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bahia San Quintin

Arrived yesterday afternoon at Bahia San Quintin, a lovely bay and lagoon ~100 mi south of Ensenada. We are the only boat here on this side of the bay and there is only one other here about 4 miles across the bay.

Today was a layover day so we could explore the lagoon and adjacent sand dunes. We started the day with home made pancakes and breakfast sausage from Tip Top Meats, our favorite German Butcher. After cleaning up we put the dink in the water and headed in although it was not immediately clear where "there" was as the lagoon entrance was a little hard to see but we made it.

Our initial thought was to head to town at the top of the lagoon which we could see in the distance. Elaine waved Hi to a passing boat and some nice Gringo fishermen and women came by thinking we were in distress. After assuring them we were OK, we asked how far to town and they said 10 mi. Not wanting to spend all our time motoring we turned around and found a nice beach backed by sand dunes and wet lands. We walked around barefoot for an hour and a half exploring. We saw vultures, several types of ducks and sea birds, crabs, a long billed curlew, millions of snails and more. Although there was some garbage here and there, we had miles and miles of empty area to explore that looked like it did hundreds of years ago. It is days like this of totally disconnecting from the world (except for this blogging :) ) that are the reason we chose to go slow on the Baja.

Here are a couple of pics of our day today :

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