Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oooops - Blog Posts Lost Due to Wrong E Mail Address

We finally had internet the other day and I noticed that my last two blog posts were not there. After investigating, I found that I sent the updates to the wrong e mail address - ooops. Here they are and hopefully I'll be able to post one or two more soon as we have been having a fun and interesting time here on Cedros.   


Bahia San Quintin to Isla San Geranimo 

Made a short 6 hr hop from San Quintin to Isla San Geranimo. It is a small  island but it offers pretty decent protection from the wind and swells.

Today's big news was we caught our first 2 fish of the trip. Both were pretty  decent sized Mackerel but we released them as the meat on Mackerel is reddish and best sited for smoking, not barbecuing. One pretty cool thing was as we were about to pull the fish aboard, several dolphin made passes right at the stern, checking out the Bonita. It was quite a surprise to see the dolphins appear the way they did. Thankfully they did not try and take the fish as I didn't want to deal with a hooked dolphin.

Tomorrow we have a leisurly morning before we head out at 12 or 1pm for a 24 hr passage to Isla Cedros where we plan on spending a week or more hiking, kayaking etc. More on our passage and Cedros in the next blog post. 


Arrival At Isla Cedros 

This morning, we arrived at Cedros Island, our first major destination of the  trip. Think Catalina Island but much further south, about the same size and  shape. 

Almost 4000 people live on Cedros supporting a fish cannery and a salt off  loading port. Other then the 2 villages on the south end of the island, it is  uninhabited. The island, along with its sister islands, Natividad and the San  Benitos host lots of wildlife. Other than enjoying about 20 miles of smooth water behind the island, most cruisers pass right on by. In the course of our research for the trip, we found a guide who does eco tours of the islands so we booked 4 days of excursions on and around the island to explore all there is to see. Currently we are anchored inside the harbor breakwater and are looking forward to a nice calm nights sleep. 

Tomorrow at 6:30 am we (Elaine, Barry and I) will head over to the Islas San Benitos, 3 rocky islands that host a large colony of elephant seals, lots of bird rookeries and some nice hiking areas. We need to head out early before the wind comes up since it is a 2 hr trip in an open boat, up wind, to get to the island. It should be an exciting day. 

Getting to Cedros involved our first overnight passage. We left Isla San Geronimo at 1pm and arrived at Cedros 8am the following morning. It was an uneventful trip (best kind) under a beautiful full moon. It was nice that while not shorts and t shirt weather, it was not too cold for the night watches.

One cool thing that happened at San Geronimo was some fisherman came buy and wanted to trade for live lobster. They drove a hard bargain and after coughing up 3 sodas and 3 cookies, we had 3 beautiful lobsters. Within 20 minutes we were  sitting down to a nice lunch of FRESH lobster salad sandwiches - Yum !!    

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  1. I would've given you lobsters for 2 sodas and some distilled spirit mixer! Thanks for sharing your journey and I look forward to reading more!


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