Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hunkered Down in Turtle Bay

It is just after noon here in Turtle Bay and Elaine and I are doing fine,
hunkered down on the boat riding out a 25 knot blow that started last evening.
This time the wind is out of the north with no big direction changes so we
tucked into a nice sheltered spot on the north side of the bay and while the
boat moves around on the anchor a bit, the wind is straight off the beach so
there are no waves to speak of.

Yesterday we hung out a bit with the crews on Brezo and Sacred Dance. Both boats
have 3 really cool, 20 something kids aboard who have decided not to wait until
they are old, like us, to enjoy the good life cruising in Mexico. A couple days
earlier we visited with the folks on Serenity, a nice couple in their 20s as
well. It's interesting because on average, Elaine and I are typically the
"young" cruisers. What they these kids all lack in money, fancy boats and
experience, they more than make up for it with their positive attitudes and
enthusiasm. While we enjoy our showers every other day, these kids remind us of
how little you need to cruise and how positive mental attitude (in all
situations) is the most important ingredient to cruising and life in general.
They bring a wonderful energy and spirit to the cruising community and I hope we
see more of them down the road.

As we mentioned previously, we have been here for almost 2 weeks waiting for a
weather window that will allow us to comfortably slow hop down the coast to
Magdalena Bay. We have been passing the time walking around town, beach combing
for sea glass, shells and whale bones during the day and making nice meals and
watching movies in the evenings. The other day we started to watch the sci-fi
series Firefly which we are enjoying.

While it has been fun and relaxing here, two days ago we agreed that we are
ready to get moving again and resolved that we would leave on the 20th or 21st
and take what the weather gives us, meaning if the window was short we would
move fast and if it was good we would go slow. The good news is that as of this
morning's weather download, it looks like we will have a decent chance of moving
on the slower side. Our plan is to leave tomorrow about 7am and head to the next
anchorage down the line, Bahia Asuncion. From there we will assess the weather
daily and adjust our plans accordingly.

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  1. Is this your first run through of "Firefly"? It's one of my favorites!